, Inc.

   These are companies that will pay you for reading emails or give you points for responding to them that can be used to purchase things. If you don't mine a little extra email that gives you a little money, then check them out. They pay you 5 cents for every email you read, you simply click on a link in the email and you are credited. Seems pretty simple, anyway better than reading Spam for nothing, this way you get paid. They pay you to read email! No catch. You get $.20 - $2.50 per email PLUS 5% from direct income of members you refer!
Cash Get a Nickel for every email you read! Membership is FREE! Just sign up and watch the money roll in. Our advertisers will start sending emails to you according to the categories you have chosen as interested in! That's it! They also have a referral program, so the more people you refer the more you make!
Total You can either sign up for their free membership to get paid, or upgrade to a Premium Membership and make more money. Another company that will pay you to read emails. Three cents per email plus they pay you for each referral you send them.
MYPOINTS They give you points for every time you read one of their emails and click on the link in that email. You can then use the points to purchase products like food or tapes and lots of other pretty good items. I use this one and have gotten several good deals.

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