These are the companies that I've found that offer FREE internet access in exchange for some small banners on your screen while online. I signed up to two of them myself and it's a pretty good deal for something that is free. At the very least they make a good backup when your paid ISP goes down, like they always do.
CLICK FOR FREE INTERNET! Unlimited FREE Internet Access, Web Browsing, and Email News, Weather, and Shopping FreeiFriendsSM - chat/instant messaging A small banner window is always visible as long as you are connected to Freei.Net.
NetZero provides consumers with unlimited Internet access, e-mail and navigational tools to enhance their online experience: all for free. A core feature of NetZero is The ZeroPort™, a small window displayed on our users' computer screens while they are online.
TRITIUM NETWORK The Tritium Network offers FREE access to the Internet through its nationwide network of local dial up numbers. You can use any browser you want, any email program and go anywhere you want!
ALTAVISTA Free, unlimited 56k modem internet access is here, all across the United States. The small 600k download (less than 3 minutes on a 28.8 modem) includes AltaVista Live (your own personalized home page) and the MicroPortal, your constant connection to current information as well as the powerful AltaVista search functionality. No Fees. No usage limits. Try it today, only from AltaVista. eircom net now offers a new free Internet access service. You are now only minutes away from free Internet access!

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