American Consumer Opinion Membership is free, and your name will be automatically entered each month in a drawing for one $150 cash prize and two $50 cash awards. Whenever you are selected to participate in surveys, you will receive cash, gifts, free products, or the chance to win cash awards
One Sight OneSight provides Internet users with a unique opportunity to receive compensation for sharing their time and opinions. OneSight and our clients place a high value on understanding today's markets and the individual Internet user. We seek to share this value with the people that participate in our research panels. Not only do our panelists gain the opportunity to shape the future of products and services they use everyday, but they also receive cash compensation for their efforts. OneSight will email you whenever there is a survey in which you are qualified to participate. Each market research panelist will earn cash for every completed survey. The amount may vary depending on the length or complexity of the survey, but you can expect an average payment of $5 per completed survey. Frequently OneSight will also offer drawings for cash prizes.

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